We are Clint & Gretta, we are both independent musicians who were frustrated with the way we have to bulk buy merch. One day Gretta came to Clint with a a crazy little idea and together they formulated a plan to create a solution for themselves & other Australian businesses, brands & bands!

Clint Wilson Live

A rare sighting of Clint sans hat & an even rarer snap of Gretta live not pulling a 'it's hurting' face!

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Our problem ... 

In the past we both have had our own merch done by screen printing. The trouble we came across was that screen printing only allows you to have a certain number of colours on the print, and for each colour there was an extra set up and printing cost, and you had to order a minimum to make it 'cost effective'.

The problem with that was, not only do you have to outlay a lot of money, but you also ended up with stock sitting in our garage waiting to be sold on your online store or in person when you go out on tour and that's not taking into account the sizes that you buy because you want to be inclusive end up having left in stock. 

And even more annoying, because of all the above you just can't afford to have mens & women's sizing so all the female fans get stuck with a t-shirt that's too broad or long!

Our solution ...

Do it our damn selves!!

Although the cost per garment is a little higher than traditional screen-printing, Direct to Garment  (DTG) has no set up fee so you can print as many or as few garments as you like AND you can be as colourful as you like!! So for the sake of a few dollars per garment you can purchase what you need not what you need to have in stock!

We are also offering order fulfilment so please feel free to chat to us about your requirements.