Our products are printed on an Epsom Direct to Garment printer.

What can we print?

What would you like? T-shirts? Tote bags? Fleece hoodies/jumpers? You name it we can print on it! 

What is Direct to Garment (DTC)??
In layman’s terms its a massive colour photocopier for t-shirts!!

What does it mean?
It means we can print whatever you want on a

t-shirt, whether it be a colour photo of your doggo or a single colour logo… we can do it all!


All our hats are printed by “Dye Sublimation”

What is dye sublimation??
It’s a fancy term for a process that transfers your design onto a hat!

Brands We Use

  • AS Colour

  • Legend Life

We understand everyone has their favourites, so if you do have a preferred brand please let us know!


We are happy to work with you and your designer to create quality merchandise for your band, brand or business!

If you don’t have a designer don’t worry we work with a few wonderful creative people and are happy to connect you with someone that will work for your needs.

Online Store

If you're new to the world of merch and/or selling online, our team is happy to work with you to set up an online store to work for your needs. 

If you're wanting to sell items at stalls/markets/side of stage we can help with that too!

Also, please feel free to chat to us about order fulfillment!